Life has been such an amazing experience, travel, be happy,

Life has been such an amazing experience, travel, be happy, when completely lost and failed, AWESOME, enjoy your breaks, re group and get ready for next!

When looking back into my past, I can see of course so many mistakes, but very less that I regret of… many wrong choices, but GREAT achievements.

I have lived an amazing, bit crazy yes, bit extravagant, and not so fitting into the ordinary expected scenarios…

I have followed my wishes and dreams, I failed them, they failed me, my life exploded (MANY TIMES), I run away, I came back into it, or not, and this is LIVING.

This is actually living to the most, playing the game of life, or learning how to play, not always winning, not always losing, but learning, more and more, gaining experience, on how to play it.

I have cried, so many times, I have made friends, I have moved (everywhere and so many times), even though I HATE MOVING.

I have lived in New York, in Los Angeles, in Amsterdam, in Paris, in Sao Paulo, in Bangkok and that counting as super cosmopolitan and desired places, I spent a summer in Lapland, also in some border of Russian places we can’t even spell it properly (Lappeenranta), some time in Phuket, long time in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Some would think I am crazy, I like to put as “When I go somewhere far… I go to stay at least 6 months, LOL”

I have not only gone far, I got things DONE!

And these memories, these stories, is what boost my happiness, my energy, it is the only thing that helps you while you are packing and leaving next!

Living in NY and LA (New York and Los Angeles, USA), when I was just 21, a free bird flying… improving English and improvising like really improv-improvisation-ing my Spanish

    An international internship, living in Amsterdam, a European tour and backpacking to never have to come back

    Summer in Lapland, 84 days of PURE DAYS ONLY, not even dark, ever. (Kemi, Finland)

      4. So many wonders in this world! So many adventures.

      5. Friends, friends, friends and friends… and some angels!

      I am completely grateful for every single soul I met in my life, even those angry mean bitches that made effort to literally fuck me in any way… WHY?

      Because they help me and deviated my pathway, specially some that actually destroyed my dreams and career pathways. Without them, I would never learn what I have learnt, I would never changed, either physically, emotionally, or moved to places that I never even imagined I would.

      On the other side, I learnt there is still hope. People are good and are willing to help others, even with no obligation, or blood connection. Hope for Humanity on those… 

      I had so many angels in my life, that helped me through difficult times, that gave me a push and helped me even when times were not so hard. I remember each name, each action, each face, and for those, even a bigger thank you! 

      6. Life explodes, you build it back, it will be 3x cheaper, 2x faster, every time!

      7. Becoming a digital nomad, the new plan…

      Many people search online for solutions for their lives and problems… how to make money, how to become rich, how to cook like… how to become a digital nomad, a photographer, a blogger, anything.

      Well, life is much more complex than that, we all have different pathways, random events not only affect but also deviates and complicates all or just simplify.

      So better approach (or at least mine), do it in your own way (specially to never regret)… I am now moving to A beach, a beach coz I don’t even know which!

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