Nomad style

The Nomad Style is actually the second attempt at an old project… building a centralized platform that allows the rookie user to learn and start entrepreneurship online.

The project comes from long years dedicated to some successful projects (such as some youtube channels, blogs, business websites, online businesses, etc.) and many failures – and here it is perhaps better not to even start listing.

The original idea, set up an online money cooperative

The Money Co-op was intended to be the largest and most informative and interactive YouTube channel and blog community for multilingual content (here some of these parts are being and will still be performed… mostly in Spanish, Portuguese, and most likely English).

We have a high goal!

Yes, of course, because underseeing yourself and the world is the biggest personal failure, we want to help ourselves and others, to be able to grow all together.

What’s the plans?

The plan is to build a community to discuss different strategies on how to make money online, we aim to cover all sources of money online, from free satoshis withdrawals (bitcoin pieces – and other cryptocurrencies), to making a living on blogging, to building a YouTube channel to open an online business, multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

We will also cover the basic tools that are required to learn – Google Analytics, AdSense account, social media, e-wallets, freeware, software and any other utensils needed!

And let’s review it all, we’ll use it, let’s go perfom, let’s trade, let’s deal, let’s bet, let’s play, let’s play, and let’s prosper!

By several languages; And what languages?

We believe that language should not be a barrier, and the world has already too many boundaries (which need to be overcrossed).

Let’s basically start with the few we can talk to and ensure cooperation among close friends, but we will always be open to volunteers, to the users involved, who want to introduce themselves within the community – we aim to offer compensation (in $ e % – as a percentage of feature profit) – the more you help, the more you will be helped.

So let’s start!

Traveling around the world…

World Map, Nomade Style, Countries Visited

I have always suffered from the need to travel and know the world… today, at 34, I have visited over 70 countries (I hope I have forgotten to count any) and have lived in at least 6 (Finland, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Thailand Brazil and United States).

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