NETELLER, getting started with e-wallets

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NETELLER DIGITAL WALLET – what truly is NETELLER, the official website and means of communication

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A full tutorial on how to operate NETELLER with less hussle and headache as possible

NETELLER is a digital totally eletronic wallet – that can be accessed at www.neteller.com, that means NETELLER is not a bank and does not operate with similar functions as a bank – NETELLER does not charge you monthly fees, and actually will only charge you for operations to cover their own expenses with each transaction made.

As a non banking institution, you will not find branches for NETELLER, or the companies involved – such as SKRILL (NETELLER partner wallet – sister) and PAYSAFE (mother company – that hosts – owns the SKRILL and NETELLER services), for more information – https://www.paysafe.com/

SCAM or not SCAM?

NETELLER is definitely not a scam, NETELLER is part of the PAYSAFE group, and together with SKRILL and PAYSAFE and PAYSAFE CARD generates billions dollars a year to the company.

NETELLER is a fully financially regulated institution with offices in many different countries. The FCA, Financial Conduct Authority – NETELLER/FCA .

If you have any reason to dispute or complain at NETELLER, you can count on the Financial Ombudsman Services

The company has also been awarded in many different aspects in many different countries.

Opening a NETELLER account…

Opening a NETELLER account is actually easy and fast – it just take up to 2 minutes, you just need to acces the official NETELLER website at www.neteller.com, click on JOIN FOR FREE, and fill up some basic information that we will go through together in next lines and pictures

I would just like to emphasize some hints on how to take the most of your registration and avoid further problems in future (like having your account locked and having to contact support via e-mail, or telephone to solve easy avoidable situations):

  • Use only 1 name as first, 1 name as last, and place all your extra names as middle name – this will help you resetting your password in future, as it will be reviewed in details later.
  • Avoid abbreviations, or any sort of special characterers, use as much english simple alfabet as possible- system will always check your first and last name only in documents, or to reset password, so the simples you write, simpler your life will be.
  • Never use fake information, always true information, NETELLER will freeze your account in several situations for verification, and fake or not precise info will cause delays, or even make it not possible to go through and might cause even money or account losses.
  • REQUESTED INFO (some small variations might be found, specially if you live in a highly regulated country such as the USA, Canada, France, AUStralia, JaPan… (and if you are from one of these countries, please send us feedback, or pictures by e-mail or in comment sections so we can improve our post-guide-tutorials.

Just after registering your account, NETELLER will provide you with a secure ID, a 6-digit number sequence, you can also choose your own sequence, or reset this secure ID anytime you wish.

Setting and resetting passwords, also which password is used when and for what…

In NETELLER you have basically 3 passwords types:

PASSWORD – for login; This password will have some specific rules (that can be found every time you try to reset it – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, and is used to access your NETELLER account in login process password can be such as

Password – ExamPle01& .

This password can be reset at any time – by clicking FORGOT PASSWORD button in LOGIN area. Fill up – First, Last name and e-mail. A link is received in your e-mail, click the link and follow instructions on the screen.

SECURE ID – A 6 digit number sequence – such as 123456. The secure ID can be reset at any time by clicking the link RESET SECURE ID inside your NETELLER account on the right side menu – account overview.

The secure ID is used to manage TRANSACTIONS. To confirm any transfer oif fund to other people, or websites , or from websites into your NETELLER account, you will need this code.

The secure ID will be substituted by the Google Authenticator App – 2 Step authentication (check below), once activated.

SECURITY QUESTIONS – security questions serve the purpose of identifying – authenticating customers in order to access your account from unwanted login trials (yes, we mean security), such as when accessing your account from any not previously registered as TRUSTED device, and also will be asked by agents when sensitive information is requested in telephone contacts.

We hereby advise you to answer the questions in a simple way, mostly in undercase, normal letters with 1 word only, no abbreviations (to just make your life easier), take note of your EXACT answers, because you will NEED THEM.

Security questions are as silly as, your mother maiden name, your first pet name, your favorite teacher, your best friend, name of your first love, etc.

When you answer security questions incorrectly for 3 times (we believe lifetime counted, does not matter if you try all 3 in a row, or separated by days or even years), your account will be permanently blocked until you contact by telephone a NETELLER agent (and here you don`t need to be afraid of not getting contact for any reason, either because they don`t offer a local number, or international call is super expensive, just follow our CALL BACK procedure explaint above and for sure you will solve your situation within a few hours).


You can basically check which languages and restrictions apply to you from inside your account, and online in youtube and Forums (and basically here).

All languages that you can change your account to (in main page website, you can see them all – EN English, PT Portuguese, ES Spanish, FR French, D German, JP Japanese, AR arabic, IT Italian), if you can`t see your language on the list, basically your language is not supported and then we suggest you to use English as main preferred language.

NETELLER is functional is most of the world, but of course, restrictions apply and also some products are not available in some regions. Mostly the availability of services and deposit or withdraw options rely on local regulations (NETELLER is legal, and regulated, so anything that is forbidden in your country will not be available for you, even if it is available in another country)

Some countries have very strict law regarding the wallet usage, some countries won`t have the option to send money to other people, other will be completely blacklisted for international banking transfers (including deposit and withdraws), some countries will have merchants completely or partially limited due to either gambling restrictions or to other local regulations.

Countries that we know suffer strong limitations and differentiation from other countries are Japan, the USA, Canada, France… here if your country has some interesting and not listed limitation, please explain us what is happening in the comment session so we can tell other members about it.


Basically NETELLER asks for you to make a 1st deposit in order to be able to send your documents for verification. With few exceptions, it is required 3 document submissions (that can be don all in once with the following e-mail: customerverification@neteller.com.

1 – Official government ID document – both sides if applies – your ordinary local identity document, or driving license (DL), or valid passport.

2 – Address proof – in which is necessary to have your own name (no third parties will be accepted under any circustance), and issued in previous 90 days, banking documents such as credit card, bank statement, or possibly, even a letter from your bank manager with your registered address would be accepted.

3 – Webcam or ID next to face – it is necessary to send a selfie with your ID beside your face so they can compare the photo of your document to your face.

In some countries like the US or Japan, pictures of taxable – social security numbers might be also necessary.


Be careful with scammers, fraudsters, and fake mostly facebook and skype NETELLER support – NETELLER always publish information on their official social media profiles, on how to contact them, and that there are many scammers, so please be careful, and don’t trust any too easy to reach help channel.

Here are the links for official NETELLER support page:

By e-mail: always use the e-mail help@neteller.com, always write in your preferred supported language, or if you don`t speak any of them, try writing a proper text, translatable by google translate of other translator tools, support is given in all listed above supported languages)

In Twitter: @askNETELLER – follow this profile and always prefer sending them your full contact details by direct (private) message – NETELLER ID (12 digit number starting with 45 that will be shown on the right side when logged in in your NETELLER account), your full detailed description of issue you aim to solve and also your updated phone number so they can call you to solve issue faster or if needed. Contact in social media should be done in English, for other supported languages, always prefer e-mail or phone support.

In Facebook: NETELLER – here, always prefer sending message in private for your own security, also NEVER trust any weird contact back if you leave comment in public posts, thats the pathway scammers use…here again, contact in social media should be done in English, for other supported languages, always prefer e-mail or phone support.

Contact by phone – we hereby list the official telephone numbers listed on the website with also the schedule time each language is supported – support is given in all listed above supported languages)

REQUESTING A CALL BACK by NETELLER agent – the best way to request a call from NETELLER is to send them an e-mail to help@neteller.com with your updated e-mail, NETELLER ID and full description of situation you are trying to solve, and of course your updated phone number (and even your preferred call time schedule for the next day (once e-mails can take up to 24 hours to be read and replied to).


NETELLER has a comprehensive collection of Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ, mostly they cover each single kind of transaction of doubt a user can have in any given time, we strongly recommend you to have a look at it before you start to operate or to send them further inquiries.

There will be always full details, on how long each transaction can take to be processed, which is the intermediate company that will help transaction (such as ENVOY, ASTROPAY, Mobile companies that will ease the deposit – withdraw options, etc).

FEES – a optimizable mystery

All fees charged in NETELLER system are explicit in the link: XXXXXXXXXXXXX and can be also be seen on the screen for each type of transaction, there is perhaps some hidden mysteries or roots to unwished not very clear disagreements on charged fees, we will cover some of these situations below.

NETELLER charges an automatic fee of 3,99% for currency conversions, so always choose carefully your account currency. Good to reming here, that you can only have one NETELLER account active at a time in 1 unique currency that can not be automatically switched.

ALWAYS CHOOSE your website main currency – NETELLER is used to make depositd and withdrawals to many websites, if you don`t live in the UK, EURO-zone SEPA in Europe, or in the USA, mostly probably you will be forced to pay at least 2 currency conversion fees (and then you started already losing 8% of the money you use in the system, not counting other fees).

Consider using SKRILL and NETELLER, specially if you would benefit in any way by having 2 accounts with 2 different currencies.


For any reason and at any time, you will always be able to change the currency of your account, but the process is not automatically and can be a lot effort taking, just recently they have stopped transfering funds from one account to the other, and so in order to change the currency of your account you should follow the recipe:

  • use all, or almost all your funds – once no transfer of funds will be available, best option is to send full ammount to any website or other person.
  • open a new account with a new e-mail, all data should be similar to first one, and so it would be great if you follow our hints from above when registering your very first account.
  • Contact support by either phone or e-mail, with both accounts information.


This section of our tutorial starts with two very intriguing and important questions,



Answers are, YES, NETELLER is SAFE, and NO, NETELLER does not provide insurance. In this direction there are 2 important aspects to consider… first is the 2 step authentication.

You can check official instructions on this link – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

You will need to download the app from Google, the Google Authenticator (this app is very handy and useful in many of the online applications related to bitcoins, wallets, transactions, etc, it is a must have).

After installing the APP, you will login into your NETELLER account, click SETTINGS, SECURITY, ENABLE 2-Step Authentication, insert your secure ID and make a picture of the bar code shown on the screen, confirm with the generated number in the app, and DONE, your account will be fully secured, once from this point on, you can only perform actions in account, confirming the 30 seconds ramdonly generated code on your phone, your phone will be syncronized with your NETELLER account.

And what if you change or lose your phone? You can always disable your two step authentication alone, if you still have the phone in your hands, following almost the same pathway you used to enable it… in SETTINGS, SECURITY menu, and then DISABLE the authentication, or by PHONE contact with a NETELLER support agent.

VPN – PROXY – using it in the most optimized way

We totally understand that most users uses VPN or PROXY due to the nature of websites for gambling, forex, and related to it. But in NETELLER, VPN or PROXY is not going to help you at all, and actually is going to cause you lots of trouble.

When the system figure out a connection is being tried in your account from another country, it might think someone is trying to steal your money, any important action or mistake there will cause the security system of the website to lock your account, and contacting support by phone will be necessary to unlock it.

Also, VPN Proxy can cause the automaticac rejection of all your transactions, because when you are in a different country, you need to obey local regulations, so if the random country or connection you pick is in a not serviced or limited country (and mostly in the US), all your transactions will just fail.

Many member feel very frustated by this, but reasons are clear and reasonable, so best is just to keep it in mind and obbey to it, when using your account, use your real IP. Also here I want to leave a question… until what point VPN really works? I am no expert in it, but I see many websites equipped to stop VPN Proxy or just any kind of blocker (try Netflix, for example, they can see you are using VPN connection and won`t service you until you use real IP)… for sure governments are wiser and better equipped than Netflix, and for sure they can track and hunt you down for any specific bad usage of the internet.


As a fully regulated financial institution, NETELLER is obliged to help you file a complaint or law suit towards her, this is the link that gives you full information on it: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Mostly you will be able to file a complain and get help with it by the XX, if you were neglected, mistreated or misled by any information on the website or in support channel.

Also if they don`t respect any specific time-frame given or abuse you in any way (check the link above, get information and go further with the complaint). In future the OMC (us, the online money cooperative) will establish some sort of membership for assitance with these cases, so hang on into it.


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