How Can You Make Money Blogging?

How Can You Make Money Blogging?

Is it possible to make a living on blogging?

Well in theory, YES. And in practice, YES. But is it easy? NO, it is not easy…

When we start considering about making a business or a part-time or full-time job online, we always think that we can use our languages skills (in multi language mode, or exclusively in our on native), and we think about blogging about our own passions and hobbies, or blogging for others and becoming a freelance writer.

Is there a tutorial step-by-step for a successful blog?

YES, actually the internet is full of very well built programs and tools to help you succeed with your blog or webpage.

We will give you the best we found so far in this link: Wealthy Affiliates Link

We prepared a small check list for you to be able to go step-by-step and  build your own blog:

  1. NICHE – Choose a niche or subject that you will get into …
  2. HOSTING and DOMAIN – Choose a blogging platform, such as blogger, wordpress, siterubix, or any other free – or paid platform (here we reinforce to follow the Wealthy Affiliates Link, because it will allow you to use wordpress with a very crucial SEO plugin).
  3. STUDY 1 – niche related – the market, the competition
  4. STUDY 2 – website related – traffic tools, SEO (search engine optimization) tools, plugins and features for webmaster mastering.
  5. CONTENT – make content
  6. PROMOTE –

Choosing your NICHE!

What is a niche – a niche can be anything you are interested to.  The dictionaries would define it like – a distinct segment of a market.

Hosting and Domain!

In both paid and free domains, it is always necessary to register a strong name that not only defines the name of your website but also will be abl to relate and help you build your brand. So, think since the beginning how you want to be called, remembered , typed about, etc.

Regarding paid domains, there are few options right there. The most reliable and popular is Go Daddy Domains

STUDY 1 – niche related, the market and the competition!